Noel Allen | Volleyball


It's challenging in a class or open play environment to have enough time to dive deep enough into various aspects of volleyball to explain them properly.  For this reason I've decided to write out some of the things we talk about and post them here, where you can read them at your leisure.  I've categorized them into three groups, things that are facts, things that make sense for a team, and things that may or may not work for you.  At the moment, I'm only discussing the first two:


The Science of Volleyball

This document only deals with pure numbers.   How fast is a serve, how much time you have to react, where can a ball go.  So you can draw your own conclusions, but an understanding of these numbers is what informs the next section.



The Theory of Volleyball

This document explains how we choose to play at this gym.  The idea is that this style of play give us the best combination of offense and defense for a typical open gym.  In this case, that's a 6-2 offense with 3 passers.  Given a fixed team when a known set individual player skills, having a single setter (5-1 offense) or dedicated defensive specialist (libero),