Noel Allen | Rebecca



I'm not sure how Rebecca found me.  Possibly through our mutual friend Kiera, my favorite person to work with ever, but that's a whole other story.  I took a look at her portfolio, and there was no question I wanted to work with her.  We picked a time, but work was keeping me crazy busy, so I had ZERO time to plan.  Not a good way to get a shoot done, but being such a great professional, she was able to give me what I needed before I even knew to ask for it.


We started with the "standard" warm up.   Just get some head shots in while we see how we work together.  We quickly started nailing it, anywhere from something with a bit of dramatic pop...

To just plain ol' high key beauty, thanks to this great head piece she brought with her.

A full length version...

There was very little change to the lighting between these various shots.  Just one to pop the background, a beauty dish mostly on her face, ad then a big soft box really just for some fill.  So it was time to changing things up and have a bit more fun.

We decided we were done with the white, so black o black it is.  I always find black background and black outfits fun to shot because you really need to focus on the lighting to make sure you separate the model from the background.  Unlike the high key images above where the white outfit and head piece melt into the background, here I'm really popping the lights near and hard to highlight the edges, and we've now rotated the beauty dish a bit more above to fill the face and get the hair.  Here's the more dramatic look with her face turned up towards the beauty dish.


Or if you want to get a better idea of what that setup looks like, here's an unedited shot.