Noel Allen | Dance (Powder)


It was shooting my ballroom friends (yes I did ballroom for many years), that originally got me into photography.  I have always had a soft spot for it.   But recently I've decided that I wanted to focus my photography on dance as a way to continue my development as a photographer.   I've only just started the journey but I'm already surprised by how rewarding the experience is turning out to be.

To start, dancers are amazing athletes, 

So I wanted to setup the lighting to highlight that tone and definition.  But they are also artists, which are very aware of themselves, in a way which really helps the whole process, letting me focus more on the composition and less on pose.

And of course, with dance, it's always fun capturing the moment within the movement.

Which is something I've done plenty of times before.   But for this shoot I wanted to try something new to really accentuate the movement.   So I borrowed a trick from both the movie and photography industry, using powder to enhance the drama of the shot.  From show casing the amazing flexibiltiy,

to the soft gracefulness,

and their ability to make things seam effortless.


So I would like to thank:





and Yulia


for their amazing contributions to this set, as well a John and Mariya who helped me pull it all together.  Definitely one of the more interesting and entertaining shoots, that it's been my pleasure to be a part of.