Noel Allen | Angi


First thing I did after getting access to the new studio, was to post a casting call to play around with the studio strobes and check out the sunlight through the windows.  I was surprised with a large response, so by the time I got to Angi's, I'd already had plenty of people to shoot.  But looking at her portfolio, I figured we could come up with something fun to shoot, so we traded some ideas back and forth.  When I found out she knew how to play, focusing on music was a no brainer.


Unfortunately in the time between my previous shoot, and the shoot with Angi, someone had used up all the white seamless.    So I really had to pop by background light to force the neutral grey background  to turn white.  A beauty dish did most of the work of lighting the model.  I added a pair of low edge lights to highlight the guitar and fill in the sides and help brighten up the lower body a bit.


As we shot, we talked some more about the kinds of images she was interested in.  Darker/edgier seemed to be the way to go.   I threw a pair of window curtains from Bed & Bath on a stand.  I stuck one edge light behind on the left side, and one in front and to the right side which really lit up the head stock nicely.   A bit of light control with grids on my light boxes, and a roll of black seemless on another stand further back, and instant stage.
Time to go darker still...    Sometime I think I've got a bird mentality.   Shiny bits attract my attention because I know I can get some cool stuff shots that way.   So I had some lengths of chain I figured we could put to good use.   Turns out the studio had some hooks in the ceiling making this easy.
Sticking the beauty dish almost directly above, gets me some nice shine from the chains, and a dramatic shadow on the face.  Grids off, and edge lights turned down, I again set them low on the stands and use them to help fill in the lower body which is further from the main light.   Now we just try tilt her moving her back and forth in tiny increments until we get the shadows in the face exactly where we want them.
Okay, that's enough with the dark images, let's end the day with something lighter.  
I use a long exposure to blow out the window and back light her nicely.  I then add a studio flash from the front right to fill.  There's not a huge amount of space for another light so I setup a large white board behind her and just out of frame to bounce some light back and fill the left side a bit.