Noel Allen | Little Boxes Theater

Little Boxes Theater


I'd like to give a shout out to Little Boxes Theater in San Francisco.  While I have a studio in Santa Clara, I find myself often drawn to Little Boxes in SF.  Little Boxes is a great spot for photography, and the owners Aaron and Kitty are a pleasure to work with.

As you can see they aren't afraid of getting the studio, or themselves messy.    You can find some more images of the studio, and shoots done there at these galleries

  • AK Flour
  • AK Silhouette
  • AK Film Noir 

Apart from the studio space, Little Boxes is also a dance and performance venue with a huge sprung floor, and intimate seating for the audience.  This is a great place emerging artists.  Little Boxes even has a monthly event where various local or traveling artists have a chance to perform at a great venue.   I've even had a chance to take photos at some of these events.

One Sea

I had the great pleasure of photographing a performance by the duo Simone Vincenty & Chelsea Anne Moreno a.k.a. One Sea at the Little Boxes theater in SF.  Chelsea is an aerial artist with a background in gymnastics, and Simone is a soulful indie singer.  Together they give a loving and memorable performance.

The performances that night also included Pointe Stilts

and the ever funny and musical, but not safe for work, Princess CreamPie.